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About our company

In 2012 our company HEMP EXPORT begun to professionally grow oil hemp seeds for human consumption that are registered within the European Union. In 2015 our company has sown more than 800 ha of FINOLA (EU approved variety) hemp seeds. Within the process of growing and producing hemp no pesticides are used and employed. According to the executed tests our hemp seeds have the taste of walnuts, as well as high oil content – 32.8%. HEMP EXPORT the basic task is export and sales of the final production produced exactly by us under our private label HEMP LOVERS. On today we are ready to offer our consumers various ready food products produced from self-grown oil hemp seeds. Our company is open for cooperation, therefore we will be glad, if you contact us!
* All the necessary medical and chemical analyses have been implemented for our production at a certified EU laboratory, to provide the conformity of the product to all EU sanitary norms and requirements that regulate and protect the safety of consumers! *